Returning to 350 N. Orleans

Welcome back to 350 N. Orleans! The My350 App (Google Play / Apple App Store) and web portal will be your go-to resource for information on the return to the office. We also encourage tenants to subscribe to our official building e-newsletter The Thread.

What We’re Doing to Keep You Safe

Mask Policy:
As of February 28, 2022, individuals will not be required to wear a face covering in indoor settings and common use areas of the property, per public health guidance from the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago.

Cleaning procedures:
We continue to work closely with our janitorial service provider to ensure they are following CDC guidance. If tenants would like additional cleaning services within their tenant space, we are happy to connect you with our janitorial service provider, Harvard.

Safety & Security Procedures:

If you have any employees that are exhibiting symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19, we ask that you please fill this questionnaire and send to the property manager so we can assess next steps and continue protecting the safety and well-being of our customers and community.

Fully vaccinated individuals will not be required to maintain social distancing in publicly accessible or common use areas of 350 North Orleans.

Moving Through the Building

Entering & Exiting the Building
Stanchions and signage have been removed. Tenants and guests have full access through the Orleans Street and Wolf Point Drive doors. 


Elevator usage
We encourage all building employees to use the escalators where possible to access your floor.

Security will assist on the first floor to coordinate elevators for visitors and tenants.  Elevator occupancy will no longer be limited to four individuals at a time.

Stairwell usage
Stairwell F will remain open for access. A keycard is required to access from the first floor.

When entering the building from the Kinzie Street Entrance/dock, we ask that visitors and tenants utilize Stairwell F to the first floor and take an elevator or escalator to their floor.

It is prohibited to walk up from or down to the main lobbies of the building in the stairwells. Security closely monitors stairwell misuse for tenant security and safety.


We look forward to welcoming you back and will continue to communicate updates to property operations and safety measures to help maintain a safe environment.


If you have questions or need more information please contact:
Marisol Olvera:
Senior Property Manager


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